We have years of experience and expertise at planning, implementing and supporting IT systems and solutions.

Whether it is a new Office or you are relocating, our technicians make it easy. We have experience with office network cabling in a variety of verticals.

We took in to consideration every aspect to eliminate any downtime to save you both grief and money.

We provide date cable installation which meets today’s needs as well as future requirements. All the devices used are up-to-date which is supported in future.

Projects done so far

– Rogers OLG Lotto                                       – Shoppers Drugmart Network Refresh

– Lawyers Offices                                           – Accountant Offices

– Insurance Offices                                        – Doctors Offices

– Immigration Offices                                   – Trucking Offices

– New Construction Sites

Network Cabling | Data Cable Installation

We assess your cabling network topology to determine whether you should use structured cabling or point to point cabling, the primary considerations are your design specs, network longevity, maintainability and installation.

Structured cabling which is the type of infrastructure is used to support the performance of the organization network.The network cabling system changes from business to business.It can support multiple hardware at a time.

Most important component of network is server and hence they should be protected.Racks and cabinets provide safety towards risks.It provides tremendous benefits:

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Provide better server performance
  • Increase Security
  • Better Serviceability

We will pack and move your entire network including server, workstations and printers.

It includes transferring your email, Website, Internet, and telephony.

When it comes to security, our company provides large range of home security options.We have wired ,wireless or combination of both devices to secure your home.

Wireless network provide great increase in productivity and flexibility.You can get access in the surrounding area of the network.In today’s era, wireless network plays very important role and hence security is the main role which need to be taken into consideration while deploying the network.

LAN:Local Area Network(LAN) is generally used within same building to inter-connect the computers.LAN has speed upto 1000mbps. It has higher data transfer rate.Ethernet standards are used by LAN.Computers connected in LAN can share a printer.

WAN:Wide Area Network(WAN) covers large geographic area (For example:states or a country).WAN has speed upto 150mbps.T1 standards are used by WAN.Computers cannot share a printer as one computer cannot access the printer in the other country.

CCTV Camera are used to transmit the video data to monitor the property or place.The broadcast is done through either point-to-point,point-to-multipoint, or mesh wireless links.They are generally used in banks,stores,airports and shopping malls.