As VOIP service provider, we provide premium voice and data services. We can offer fully hosted voice service to your office, Tech office offers countless features like call queuing, simultaneous ring, and unified messaging.

VOIP phones are generally connected with Ethernet. The VOIP technology targets the business, which includes phone calls, faxes, voice mail and more.

VOIP allows voice and data communications to run over a single network, which can reduce the cost of the infrastructure. VOIP has simple user interface, hence user can make changes to the configuration when required.

Whether you need a few phones – or several hundred – Tech Office has a business telephone system that’s right for you.

From small business to enterprise solutions, we carries a wide selection of models to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.

Brand we use:


Grandstream Phone | VOIP Service


Cisco Phone | VOIP Service


Fanvil Phone | VOIP Service


Polycom Phone| VOIP Service